In the summer of 2016 Peter York and I decided to turn our favorite road trip game into a podcast for the world to hear. A year later, we're still going strong, and meeting wonderful film fans from across the country. 

Catch a classic movie with Peter Madrigal (Vanderpump Rules), Rob Federic (The Raiven), and Rob Schulte (SiriusXM). Using their wide-ranging entertainment backgrounds, the hosts review films, give context on the time periods they were released, and have hilarious conversations that will leave you wanting to watch films over and over again. I produce and edit 

the show

In 2019, leading digital strategist for artists, Tony Howell wanted to create a show where budding creatives could find enlightening 1:1 conversations with artists and thought leaders who are changing the world (and world-wide-web) through their work. I helped him build this show and I currently produce it

Part of building the Mimesis Law platform was creating content in as many mediums as possible. In 2016 Lee Pacchia and I created a podcast where he could chat with his fascinating friends. It was a blast to put together and a hugely important learning experiance. In 2020, we brought the show back! New episodes are available now. 

A podcast where your cohosts Robert and Crystal discuss an episode of the Robert Stack-hosted Unsolved Mysteries.

I have edited this podcast since 2019

Musical theatre expert, Jessica Humphrise wanted to createworld filled with your favorite musicals and incredible wines. On each episode, she pairs a musical and wine. The conversations are fun, the guest stars are fabulous. I currently produce this show as well.