In the last few years I have had the honor of working on a lot of documentary content, especially the feature film "Mount Lawrence". I am always looking to learn, experiance, and see new things, and documentary filmmaking has been an incredible window into the world. The adventure continues. Keep an eye on this page.

Since 2014 I've had the pleasure of partnering with Lee Pacchia to create content for the Mimesis Law platform. There we cover the latest trends in the business and practice of  Law, movements in IP Law, the latest in Cyber Security matters within law firms,  and the on going struggles of criminal justice reform. Mimesis Law also partners with law firms and non-law firm legal service providers, to create original branded content for the web. 

I've enjoyed stretching my story telling skills to fit the specific needs of Mimesis Law and we've made some great content over the years. 

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My current position is Video Producer at New York's Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, where I am able to explore my love of history, science, and engineering through short educational and documentary pieces. I am passionate about learning new things and sharing what I learn with the world, and my job allows me to do that every day

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For six glorious months in 2017 I had the pleasure of being the in-house video producer at Signature Theatre Company in New York City. They were some of my most creatively fulfilling months of my career. From trailers, to short documentaries, to social media pieces, and even little visual poems, I was given free reign to experiment, and create whatever I liked. 

I have loved podcasts since podcasting's earliest days. I constantly surprised and awed by the new ways that podcasters are telling their stories and developing the medium before our very ears. 

Earlier this year I decided to jump into the space with NITES/WEEKNDS, a collaboration with Lee Pacchia and Mimesis Law, and "Fix A Flick", an exercise in screen writing and comedy and Peter York and I dissect the flawed movies that we hate to love and pitch our ideas on how to improve the final product. 


There will be more to come.