In 2013, while I was working on "Mount Lawrence" I met Bill and Barb Frankhouser, the owners of the Super 322 Drive In. Bill proudly showed off his projection booth, and his old 35mm film projectors from the 1950's that he had kept in perfect working condition for decades. He also said it was a shame he would have to scrap them in exchange for a digital system. His connection to the machines and his love of his theater led me to get in touch with David T. Ketterer, and we collaborated on "Changeover" to tell Bill and Barb's story. It's my closest project to date. 


In the winter of 2013, Chandler Wild pitched me an idea. He wanted to bicycle to as far west as he could: Homer, Alaska. Once there, he would find an unnamed mountain, and name it after his father, Larry Wild, who had committed suicide in 2007. He wanted to make a film about the journey, he needed a collaborator to shoot it with him. Having only bought my first bike since childhood a few months beforehand, and having never slept outside before, I said "Sure!". It was the hardest, most rewarding, and most beautiful thing I've ever done. I've never been challenged like that before, and I want to be challenged like that again every day. You can see the full film here.